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I offer advice and support for IT equipment in room 18-9 during  working hours. I will try to help with any issues that you have with your device, such as:

We will try to diagnose and resolve problems on the spot, but for more complex issues we may need to do one of the following:

Unfortunately, we are not able to source replacement parts for your hardware or carry out extensive repairs that involve dismantling your device. If we can’t resolve the issue, we will be happy to offer you advice about the next steps you can take to help you get your equipment repaired. Remember, if your product is still under warranty, you can seek help from the manufacturer or the shop you bought it from.

It endeavours, where possible, to:

• Remove viruses and malware and restore the system to a useable state (please note that this service may be withdrawn without notice where repeated re-infection of an individual’s equipment occurs).
• Repair operating system.
• Assist in the restoration/retrieval of academic-related data (this will incur a cost to the student if an HDD caddy needs to be purchased).
• Carry out minor hardware repairs where practicable (this service is offered at our discretion and users will be required to purchase their own replacement parts which we will fit free of charge).
• Offer advice and guidance where queries cannot be resolved by the service.

• Data Recovery

There are some things that we cannot do. These include:

• Removing or repairing any component that is under warranty.
• Taking responsibility for loss of data whilst undertaking repairs.
• Installing software on behalf of students.
• Purchasing hardware items on behalf of students.
• Storing equipment that we are not actively working on (eg whilst replacement parts are on order).
• Fix equipment that does not belong to you.

Useful notes before you come and see us

In order to help us resolve your issues as quickly as possible, please follow these steps before you come and see us:

  • Make sure you can provide us with as much information as possible about your problem so that we can make a more accurate and swift diagnosis. When did the problem first arise? Does anything in particular trigger the issue?
  • Check whether your device is still under warranty – if so, the place where you purchased the equipment or the manufacturer may be able to resolve your problem if we can’t.
  • Bring any cables, power-supplies and installation CDs you may have received with your device.
  • Keychain Passwords or windows passwords we will require to make changes!!!


Repair Booking Form

Click here for CICS  support outside our Departmental working hours.