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Data Recovery

Lost, Deleted, & Corrupt files…..Don’t panic just yet.

Recovering Locally Stored Data

If the file(s) are on anything other than the CICS Managed Desktop then please come and see Martin in room 18-9 asap.
The security of locally stored data (ie on PCs, Macs or external hard drives) is entirely the responsibility of the individual, however data recovery can be attempted by Martin Bradshaw but due to the nature of the problem no guarantees can be made.   CICS also provide this service for you.

Salvaging On Managed Desktops
In the first instance you should attempt to recover the data yourself by using the Salvage facility available using the instructions found here: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/cics/filestore/salvage

Restore a Previous Version
If you have deleted a file from your U drive which is located on a Windows server, you have the ability to restore a previous version; to do this:

1. Navigate to the folder where the file was located
2. Right click the folder
3. Select Properties
4. Select Previous Versions
5. You will now see a list of Folders with different times next to them
6. Double click the most recent one
7. This folder should contain the deleted file/folder
8. You can now copy this back into the original folder

Salvaging Off-Campus
Files can still be salvaged from computers that are not running a Novell client via MUSE (ie Windows 7 Managed PCs). To do this:

1. Login to MuSE
2. Click on the myFileStore link in the myQuickLinks channel of the MuSE home page.
3. In the Netstorage application, click on View > Show Deleted Files. Deleted files will appear with a strikethrough line.
4. Right click on file and select Undelete… to recover file.

If your file(s) does not appear in the folder using either the above methods, please consider the fact that the file may have been moved (a common occurrence on shared drives), in which case you should carry out a search of other directories.

Also, you should be aware that deleted files are periodically purged from the system and therefore are only available for recovery between 7 – 14 day after the date of deletion.

Recovering files deleted more than a week
Server backups are performed each evening and so if it is possible to recover lost data we will attempt to do so. Please be aware that any recovery will be done at the discretion and convenience of the network administrators. Users seeking to recover data should send an email to the CiCS Helpdesk. Please include as much detail as possible including:

* Name of the file or folder to be recovered
* Full path name to the location file or folder to be recovered
* Date from when to recover the file or folder.

Please note: MS Access Database files cannot be salvaged due to the nature of the way the program works.