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Rules and Regulations

Use of the IT Suites is subject to SSOA Acceptable Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by posted policies will be considered a violation of these policies and procedures provided therein will be applied.

Modifying Hardware

You may not alter systems or their application software. No unplugging on any Equipment.

Food and Drink Prohibited

No food or drink is allowed within the computer labs. There are no exceptions. This policy protects the equipment from damage and provides for a cleaner environment.

IT Suite Etiquette

Be courteous to others using the IT Suite. Return things to the state in which you found them.

Problems and Assistance

If a system is not in good working condition notify Martin  in Room 18-9. (m.bradshaw@sheffield.ac.uk . If this is out of hours please email helpdesk@sheffield.ac.uk or ring them on 21111.

SSOA Liability

The University / Department can accept no responsibility for the malfunctioning of any computing facility, loss of data, or the failure of any computer security system, or any losses while using University systems. The University does not guarantee the continued availability of any IT facilities and accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by the temporary or permanent withdrawal thereof.


Breach of the IT Code of Practice may lead to the restriction of access to or the withdrawal of computing facilities. Any use or attempted use of facilities by a person debarred from access or by another person acting on that person’s behalf constitutes unauthorized use is therefore a breach of the Regulations on the Use of Computing Facilities.