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Connecting to Archstud from a Managed Desktop PC

The easiest way of accessing Archstud is via ‘My Computer’ and then double clicking on the “Shared \\uosfstore.shefuniad.shef.ac.uk” X: drive

If Archstud does not appear automatically after login , then it can also be accessed via Windows search.  If this fails please see Martin Bradshaw room 18-9

Connecting to Archstud from your own device

First of please make sure your device is connected to Eduroam.

PC Users

Standalone users can run this batch file which attempts to map the x: drive to this area for them.  It does not require the novell client!


This will have to be run after every restart.

Apple Users

Using Mac OS, Click the Finder icon in the Dock to make sure you are in the Finder.

Choose ‘Connect to Server’ from the ‘Go’ menu.

In the address field of the Connect to Server dialog, type in SMB://uosfstore\shared

Click Connect. Ensure the ‘Registered User’ button is ticked and then log in using your username and password. Once connected, mount the archstud folder, you can add this location to your favourites for convenience.

Connecting to Archstud outside the University campus

Archstud can be accessed through MUSE, by logging in to the university home page. www.shef.ac.uk and then accessing the “my services” under the “Unidrive” section.(then look under shared files – Uosftore).