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Monday – Friday    8:00 – 12:30   &   13:30 – 16:00

Martin Bradshaw – IT Manager

I did my Computer Studies diploma in Sheffield and was lucky enough to do my work placement at the University of Sheffield.  It was here I decided I wanted to work, I was very keen to learn and try new stuff.  I started work for the University back in 1991 as a Computer Programmer Trainee for the Department of Computer Science.  I then worked up the ladder taking on roles of Student support, Network Manager and workshop Technician.  I came to the School of Architecture in 1994 as Computer Technician.  Since I’ve been here we had some great IT initiatives such as the Gable system, Daylight measuring institute, Wind tunnels to name but a few.  Today the Job role has changed greatly as the IT industry thrives.  I’ve a vast knowledge of the in’s and outs of hardware and software and always here to help.  My office is based on floor 18 room 18-9.

I’m a down to earth family man born and bred in Yorkshire.  If it’s got four wheels and engine I more than likely love it.  I’m a workaholic and have done quite a few things in my spare time.  I’ve run car clubs, created a very successful car show, worked as a graphic designer, doorman & sign writer.  Nowadays I’m more laidback and enjoy spending time with the family & dogs, cycling in the countryside.